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“Futurate” (uncountable, grammar) by definition means a sentence with no obvious means of future reference which nonetheless conveys that a future-oriented eventuality is planned, scheduled or otherwise determined. In English, typically this refers to present-tense verbs such as 'Spring starts next month.' This perfectly embodies our mission as the future literally starts now, even when not expressly stated.

“Your future is what you make it.”
Doc Brown, Back to the Future III (1990)

..and yes, you can make it better, ideally with a little help from friends like Futurate.

Explore your future

Finding the right kind of information requires experience, dedication and a little bit of research luck. We're here to help and compiled a few of our favourites, be it classics, underdogs or our own work. Explore our curated recommendations and feel free to share yours with us via insta, twitter or contact@futurate.institute.

„The Games must go on!“ Die USA im Jahr 2028: Ein Szenario

Article by Florence Gaub & Sarah Kiparski

A Few Rules For Predicting The Future

Article by Octavia E. Butler

A Futurate Foresight Murder Mystery

Article by Futurate

Foresight Fairy Tales

Article by Futurate Institute

The Ultimative Foresight Superprimer "Foresight Heroes"

Article by Futurate presents..

What's to come, An EUISS Film

Talk/Clip by EUISS

The Art of the Long View

Book by Peter Schwartz

The Optimism Bias

Article by Tali Sharot

mal angenommen

Podcast by tagesschau

La préhistoire du futur (Saison 2) Épisode 1/5 : L’invasion peu spectaculaire des extraterrestres

Podcast by France Culture

Von wegen ewiger Frieden

Article by Florence Gaub

Penser la guerre avec Star Wars | 14.01.2020

Podcast by Le Collimateur

FuturePod Ep.132: On Foresight as Agency

Podcast by Bronwyn Williams

Red Team : la science-fiction au secours de l'armée

Talk/Clip by France Culture

Foresight: Eine Anleitung

Article by Gaub, Florence

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Game

Talk/Clip by Douglas Adams

Future Wars. The future of modern warfare: How technology is transforming conflict.

Talk/Clip by DW Analysis

Future Tense

Podcast by ABC Radio

Futuring Starter Kit Quiz

Your Companion Quiz To Figure Out What Your Future Needs

You know you want to learn more, perhaps start your foresight journey or expand your already existing knowledge but well, there’s a lot of material to go through and it’s not always easy to decipher how to be most efficient about it. No need to despair, we got you covered. Take this quiz to find reading recommendations tailored to your specific interest - it's like your personalized reading list (though not just books), just 7 clicks away.


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Do you “future“ yet? At any given time there are several futures ahead – but which one to choose? Equip yourself with the necessary tools, play with possibilities, start building your own scenarios and join those in the know.

What we offer

Future Fluent

Speaking engagements with Florence Gaub

Let us kickstart your discussion, inspire and add a healthy amount of future oriented thinking where needed.

Future Facts

Foresight advisory & consultations

The future concerns everybody, but it is the responsibility of those who can influence it to get it right. We’re here to help you navigate your specific challenges.

Experience Future

Masterclasses, workshops & retreats

We will guide your future adventure to translate abstract potential into tangible avenues.

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“We all wander around with question marks.

The future is uncertain yet we believe in its opportunity for positive change.”

Become a future friend!

Subscribe & receive our triweekly email where present and future collide.

Futuring is not a lost art but one to be yet discovered. It is one of the rare remaining white spots on the proverbial map and our next big adventure.There's much to be said about the future and this space is for all of us that we crave real conversations and inspiration peppered with some exclusive personal reflections.